AUTOmatic IDentification

Our goal is to provide the latest and best solutions for AUTOmatic IDentification, in order to improve the business processes of our customers, bringing tangible benefits.


POS terminal systems

Comprehensive range of  POS terminals to meet the needs of our clients.

Labels and barcodes printers

Wide range of thermal label printers – everything from budget-friendly entry-level printers to high-performance platforms and portable, mobile-labeling devices.

Barcode scanners, data collectors

From entry-level hand-held scanners to high-end Omni-directional scanners, premium hand held scanners and customer information terminals.

Cash registers and fiscal printers

We sell cash registers and fiscal printers from biggest polish producers and provide best service for each unit.

Are you looking for the best solution? We prepare special offer for you !

Write to us what solution do you need and in what area of your business and we will prepare specially “tailored” proposal for you !

Label and barcode printers

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Industrial label printers

Wheter you are tracking materials on the assembly line or through the supply chain, industrial label printers ensure precise end-to-end identification, rsulting in improved quality control and significant cost savings. Offering industrial printers feature a heavy-duty steel enclosure and internal assembly designed for extended high-volume use in idnustrial environments. Designed to operate in cramped work areas where space is at a premium.

Portable printers

Mobile printers have been growing in popularity as a standard for conducting business more efficiently. Whether you need to print barcode labels, receipts or tickets, mobile solutions increase employee productivity and accuracy. Improve efficiencies in your warehouse, shipping and receiving processes, shelf pricing, merchandising, payment processing, and field workforce.

Desktop label printers

We offer a wide range of printers tailor-made for almost any desktop aplication – from patientID bracelets, shelf labels and event wirstbands to voter ID cards, and postal delivery labels. Enjoy the benefits of a printer that is not only rugged, dependable and economical, but also easu to set-up, load and operate.

Ribbons, labeles and accessories

We offer orginal spare parts and supplies, and accessories ( keyboards, additional chargers and batteries, Wifi moduls, cutters, peel-off modules). We are able to prepare special solution “tailored” for the customer’ specific needs

POS Terminal Systems

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All-in-One POS Terminals

The All-in-one POS terminals are the solutions for small and medium business. They are an affordable yet easy to use integrated terminals, which can help small and medium business to serve customer effectively, and keep pace with competitors.The compact base embedded with 80mm thermal printer, touch screen and integrated customer display, design with attractive appearance and small footprint for counter space saving can fit in with any environment installation.

Mobile POS Terminals

Imagine the potential of liberating transactions and service from being tied to a fixed location. The mobile product range includes a small and affordable ordering tablet, compact handheld all-in-one POS units, large screen mobile all-in-one POS units, and a highly flexible multi-role tablet PC.
Whatever your application what have a mobile solution to streamline and improve the process.

Touch POS Terminals

The Touch POS Terminals  combine high technology, flexibility and reliability. With higher performance the application will run quicker and to meet the high paced environment. With most of the time adjustable touch displays and many peripheral options the POS systems will fit into the different working environments.

POS Peripherials and Accessories

Reliability and compatibility are the cornerstones of Lynx IT’s extensive range of POS peripherals. We provide all the peripherals to complete the hardware requirements for any POS or customer service system. Peripherals that we can provide to you include receipt printers (both mobile and fixed location), VFD customer displays, cash drawers, programmable keyboards, and service caller systems.

Barcode scanners, data collectors

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Barcode readers and scanners

We offer wide range of hand-held or wireless scanners, readers and pricecheckers for retail, solutions for offices, warehouses, libraries.

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Terminals nad data collectors

Mobile computing solutions help to keep people moving and free of unnecessary task with accurate data collection in logistics, transportation, warehousing, route accounting, direct store delivery, field service, and sales.


Fiscal cash registers and fiscal printers


Drukarki fiskalne

Modern fiscal printers for any kind of business. The offer includes ergonomic and handy mobile printers, fast and functional desktop printers. Modern and proven solutions. Printers work with the most popular sales software and ERP.

Kasy fiskalne

Dedicated devices for doctors, lawyers, car repair shop or diagnostic stations. Wide range of devices that meet the expectations of the most demanding customers. From simple and mobile  by mid-size cash registers to the special equipment for the taxi drivers.

Service for fiscal devices

We offer services:

  • warranty and post-warranty service
  • instalation and fiscalization
  • training
  • cyclic maintance service
  • customer support
  • integration with ERP, sales software

Accessories, peripherals

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